Gallery Updates and Interview Section

There is a new section under the ‘Josh’ area of the site — interviews! All kinds of interviews with Josh will be posted there. Now you can check out interviews Josh did with Portrait Magazine and others. You can look at the interview page here. More interviews will be added shortly. If you know of an interview not on the page, comment or contact us!
The gallery is also being updated. Check what’s been added below. (This post will be edited all day until tomorrow with all the gallery updates.)

  • 2 Bridge to Terabithia Movie Jungle Interview Pics [link]
  • 1 BOP Magazine Photoshoot [link]
  • 1 Bridge to Terabithia Premiere (Semi-HQ) [link]
  • 30 Terabithia Behind The Book Caps [link]
  • 31 Bringing Terabithia To Life [link]