Autograph Donations, Cirque du Freak Release Date and More!

Thanks to, the release date for Cirque du Freak in the USA will be February 19, 2009. This seems like the rumours that the trailer for Cirque du Freak will come out in December are most likely true! As the trailer comes out, expect a lot more promotion for the movie, including more pics of Josh! 🙂

To find the release date of Cirque du Freak on the site, go to and in the search bar type in Cirque du Freak. The release date will be with the information on the site.

Also, thanks so much to Rebekkah, who has kindly donated 5 autographs she has of Josh’s! You can check out her awesome pictures here. If you have any autographs or pictures of Josh that aren’t in the gallery, it would be great if you’d donate them to the site! To get your pictures in the gallery, contact me here.

see the rest?

The Graphics Page has also been updated with 3 amazing Little Manhattan avatars made by Bette Davis Eyes. Check them out, along with other Josh graphics in the graphics section!

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