Josh attends the Quarantine Premiere

Josh attended the premiere for the new movie Quarantine today! He was with Victoria Justice again. 12 High Quality pictures and 5 Medium Quality pictures have been added to the gallery. You can see the HQs here. More HQs will come soon! The medium quality pictures are here. Please credit You can chat about the pics on our forums here.

10/11/08 – 7 New HQ Pics have been added.

Also if you’ve applied to be an affiliate within the past month I sadly have not gotten your email! The e-mail on the affiliate form wasn’t working and I just realized it. Please resubmit your request so I can add you to the affiliate list ASAP!

Journey on DVD Countdown: 20 Days!

Count down the days until Journey to the Center of the Earth comes out on DVD with one of our countdown clocks! Grab a clock here. There are three designs at the moment. You can put them on your Myspace, other social networking site, or your website! See the page for details.

Start Counting Down Now!

Please report any errors with the countdown clocks here…they’ve been a bit buggy with the wrong dates on my computer, so if any of you are experiencing similar problems let me now so I can fix them! 😀

Winged Creatures Review & St. Jude Pictures

A review of Winged Creatures has been posted on the Internet. Josh is mentioned for his performance with Dakota Fanning. Here is another article saying Winged Creatures will be released in March 2009. You can read the full article and chat about it on our forums here.

“In the climactic scene, which is really a scene between her and (her 12-year-old co-star) Josh Hutcherson, she had to deliver in a very gut-wrenching emotional way that most mature-age actors would be very nervous about, and she just knocked the scene out of the park.

“You just look at Dakota and Josh and the way they stand up in this movie compared to all their other films and it just takes your breath away.”

New pictures of Josh at Target Variety’s Power of Youth for St. Jude’s has been added to the gallery in high quality. You can check them out here.

Josh Attends Target Variety’s Power of Youth

Josh attended Target Presents Variety’s “Power Of Youth” to Benefit St. Jude. 6 High Quality pictures of him at the event have been added to the gallery. More will come tomorrow! There’s some pretty cool pics. You can check out and chat about the pictures on our forums here.

Additionally, some medium quality pictures have also been added here.

New Layout, Pictures, Contest, and More!!

Welcome to version 2 of Josh Hutcherson Source! I hope you love this new layout as much as I do! The site has been up for TWO MONTHS now, and I’m shocked at how big it’s become in such a short time. You guys are all amazing, and thank you so much for visiting every day! I hope this new site look doesn’t disappoint! Feel free to let me know what you think in comments. 🙂

To kick things off with a bang on the new layout, there’s going to be lots of cool stuff today. I’ve added all my magazine scans of Josh from magazines throughout the year to the gallery. If you have any you’d like to donate, please let me know! Check out the magazine scans here.

Even better, I’ve added some exclusive scans from Journey to the Center of the Earth books. There are some cool behind the scenes pictures and other stills we haven’t seen from the movie before! Enjoy!

And…let’s end things with something for you, the fans of Josh! The latest movie of Josh’s to hit stores will be Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D on October 28th. When I go out and buy my DVD, I’ll also pick up one more copy…to be given away to someone on the site! Do you want to win the Journey DVD? If you do, head over to the forum today to see how you can win it! The competition is here. It’s simple and, of course, FREE.

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