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Josh on “El Hormiguero”

I have added photos of Josh appearing on the El Hormiguero television show at Vertice Studio in Madrid, Spain (November 26).

Check out more videos of the show here!

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“Late Night with Seth Meyers” [Video]

[Video] Josh on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

Josh recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! (November 17), check out some clips below from the interview from Jimmy Kimmel Live‘s official YouTube page!

Josh Hutcherson’s Awkward Homeschool Prom
Woody Harrelson is Fond of Josh Hutcherson
Jimmy Kimmel Gave Josh Hutcherson a Fake ID

Josh on Constantly Texting Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth [VIDEO]

Josh Hutcherson has teamed up with director Ron Howard and Canon for the company’s new endeavor called “Project Imagination: The Trailer.” We caught up with Josh in New York City to hear all about how Josh and Ron are working together to create a short film, which will be based on user-submitted content to a special Canon contest. Josh also filled us in on what’s he’s up to in the run-up to November’s The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2, and how he stays in constant contact with his costars Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth.

Josh calls into Kentucky Sports Radio

Josh and his mother called into Kentucky Sports Radio yesterday morning to talk about the Cats, causing tweens across the Bluegrass to collapse in front of their radios in a heap of emotions. Josh was born in Union, Kentucky, and is a lifelong Cat fan, “going back generations.” Hutcherson was the celebrity “Y” at the Kentucky/Louisville game in December, and told Matt that it was the highlight of his career:

“That was my single most proud moment that I’ve had as a side effect of my acting career. Absolutely. That’s bigger than any award that I’ve won, anything. That’s literally, it’s always been an absolute dream of mine,” Hutcherson said. “And it was at a Louisville game, too. It was against Louisville! It was a dream.”

By now, you’ve heard that Hutcherson’s Hunger Games co-star Jennifer Lawrence is a Louisville fan. Matt asked Josh what if he and Jennifer talked a lot of trash during the Kentucky/Louisville game last week, and he said no because Jennifer isn’t a true fan like him, you, and me: ”She’s not a fan like I am. She’s a fan by association.”

In fact, Jennifer got so tired of hearing Josh talk trash that she gave him her dad’s phone number so he could banter back and forth with him, the true Louisville fan in the family.

Josh said that he’s not worried at all about Wisconsin: “I’m not so scared of Wisconsin. I don’t know why exactly, I think we’re playing really good right now and I feel Wisconsin’s not going to be a big problem for us.” He added that he thinks Kentucky can also knock off Florida to win #9: “With all the momentum we have coming into in now, we have a good shot at winning it all. I really do believe that.”

Listen to what else Josh had to say when he called into Kentucky Sports radio yesterday:

Josh wants tattoos “covering every inch of my body”

Josh Hutcherson is hooked on ink. The hunky Hunger Games star, 21, is already tattooed with the libra astrological sign on his wrist, an anchor on his left side and a nautical scene between his shoulder blades, but if the mega-star had his way, he’d get inked in many more visible places. “If I weren’t an actor, I would have tattoos covering every inch of my body,” Hutcherson told Us Weekly of his love for body art.

First getting inked at age 17 — with his mom’s consent — the actor is forced to spend an extra 90 minutes in the makeup chair getting his dye covered up for Peeta Mellark’s shirtless scenes in The Hunger Games film franchise.

Keeping his hot bod in shape by playing basketball five days a week in a variety of leagues, the Union, Ky., native is no stranger to having his chiseled physique eyed by female costars and fans, but the one woman he has eyes for his actress Claudia Traisac, whom he met while filming the upcoming thriller Paradise Lost.

“I’m a hopeless romantic! Hutcherson explains. “But I’m not one to have my feelings and then not do anything about it. I always seem to find a way to show how I feel. I can be quiet and reserved with my friends, but when I need to, I can be big and entertaining.”

Jennifer and Josh talk ‘Catching Fire’ Q&A

The two stars of ‘Catching Fire’ recently talked to about Katniss and Peeta’s relationship, what part of the games were the most intense to film and a little rumor about Lawrence bringing her Oscar on set. Check it out below!

The romance between Katniss and Peeta because it comes so perfectly … throughout the movie. Do you agree?
Hutcherson: “I actually don’t agree. I think it’s been a really kind of tumultuous, kind of up and down rollercoaster sort of situation. I think their love is far from a perfect coming of, you know.”
Lawrence: “Maybe perfect for the film, the way that it develops.”
Hutcherson: “Maybe perfect for the movie, but for them I think they could imagine it a lot differently, especially Peeta.”
Lawrence: “I think that if Peeta and Katniss were here they would disagree that it was perfect. ‘This is hard.'”

What part of the games this year is most intense?
Lawrence: “I also just think the entire idea of the games, you know, that these aren’t new tributes like in the first ‘Hunger Games’ it’s everybody’s first time, these are all people who have won. They’re very dangerous and the ravine itself is a weapon. If I had to choose a segment to not be a part of…”
Hutcherson: “Monkeys. Right?”
Lawrence: “Monkeys, but there’s also the fog and we mustn’t forget about the wave. How can you survive a wave?”
Hutcherson: “You climb a tree or something.”
Lawrence: “You can run away from a monkey, you can run away from fog, you can’t run away from a giant wave. You can surf it. Surf’s up, brah.”

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Jen, Josh, and Liam answer fan questions

As part of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’s Global Fan Day, the movie’s three leads — Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, and Liam Hemsworth — and its director, Francis Lawrence, answered fan questions in a Google Hangout.

Here are some of the most interesting and hilarious revelations from the no-holds-barred chat:

Jennifer’s favorite scene in one in which Peeta is knocked unconscious and Katniss and Finnick (Sam Claflin) both try to resuscitate him. “Sam gives him mouth-to-mouth,” she says. “I just kiss him.”

Josh was surprised by how emotional the film is, even in the scenes he thought would be all action.

If she were a tribute trying to impress sponsors, Jen says she could do an infinite number of cartwheels. “And I think I’d probably get a zero”

Jen and Francis say that Josh is an absurdly-good dancer.

Josh’s weirdest fan interaction just happened yesterday, November 5, as he ate a cheeseburger in a restaurant. He says that a man approached him and said, “Hey, I don’t like any of your movies.”

Who’s the better kisser in Jen’s opinion: Josh or Liam? “You know I could never do that!” she replies. “They’re both really good kissers. How ’bout we have them kiss each other and then decide?”

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Josh reveals Jennifer Lawrence is a ‘great kisser’

Josh has revealed that Jennifer Lawrence is a top-notch kisser.

Asked if his love scenes with J-Law had given him high expectations from his real-life dates, he responded: “I understand that. She’s definitely many a man’s desire. For me, she’s like a best friend and a sister, so it’s a little bit incestuous. But she’s a great kisser – so, yup, the bar is high!”

But J-Hutch was confident in his own snogging skills too, when asked to rate them.

“On a scale of one to 10, I could be in the upper nines. Eight-and-three-quarters to nine-and-a-half. God, just give a regular answer! Why do I have to be so complicated?”

Josh also confirmed that he’s not afraid to put out on the first date, if he thinks a girl is really special.

Asked where he’d take a love interest on a date, he replied: “Going to the movies or to dinner is fine. But for something special, it has to be spontaneous. For me, it’d be getting on my motorcycle and driving up the coast to a hotel on the beach.”

And when asked how far he’d go, he suggested that he’s not afraid of getting hot-and-heavy on the first night.

“Man, it depends. I’m not one to stick to traditional ways – so, if everything is perfect and it feels right, we could go all the way. To get to that point, I would have to think that she’s really amazing, so going home together wouldn’t change that. And I would hope that she was feeling the same about me.”

The full interview with Josh appears in the December issue of Cosmopolitan, on sale today (Thursday, November 7).

Us Weekly’s ‘Catching Fire’ Collector’s Edition

For those Hunger Games fanatics out there, Us Weekly has volunteered as tribute to provide the latest gossip on the film’s upcoming sequel Catching Fire. The special collector’s edition features all things Panem, including exclusive interviews with the film’s stars Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Sam Clafin, and Jena Malone.

For those disappointed with the lack of romance in the first installment, fear not! Hutcherson, 21, who plays tribute Peeta Malark, tells Us, “The kissing scenes are really hot!”

Peeta fell for Katniss Everdeen (played by Lawrence, 23) in the first film, but later learned that she played up her emotions for the cameras to help keep them alive in the arena. Peeta is hurt by Katniss’ lack of emotion, and that will drive much of their characters’ stories in Catching Fire.

“Peeta and Katniss’ relationship is not all good. But you get to see more of it — which I like a lot,” Hutcherson reveals.

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